Indian Cultural Club of South Florida

Indian Cultural Club of South Florida (ICCOSF) is a nonprofit organization formed by people of Indian origin at South Florida. The goal of this organization is to provide a platform where all of us can come together and celebrate our Indian heritage and festivals. ICCOSF has the unique mission of preserving and promoting cultural diversity in the community. There is a need to aware our younger generations about our rich Indian culture given to us in heritage by our Rishi’s and Munis’s that prevailed throughout the eras of Ramayana and Mahabharata. This organization aims to evoke and instill a sense of community in our new generation while making them aware about our Indian culture. It provides a platform where both adult and children can showcase their talent. This club is dedicated to promotes the vibrant Indian culture and heritage in South Florida through various cultural and social activities.

In addition, it provides an opportunity to our visiting friends and parents from India to interact with other fellow Indians. We welcome all Indian diaspora and any other community members to join as it is always important to learn about other cultures. ICCOSF is designed to be a club where people of other cultures can explore and experience Indian traditions and values. This club is involved in many events to spread awareness and educate people about Indian culture. ICCOSF positions itself as a means to developing a common bond of trust and friendship among people through cultural and social programming in Miami. To create a platform for members to express their talents andcreativity with the cooperation of other organizations by engaging in cultural, traditional, recreational and community related activities.